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Apr 12
Got a killer interview question that helps you work out whether a personality will fit in with your agency team?  Psychologist Martin Kavanagh says you should think twice about asking it because you're opening yourself up to unconscious biases that just make interviewing and selection harder.

Martin is an occupational psychologist who uses various assessments to help businesses work out whether candidates will do well in the role they’ve applied for and if they’re likely to stick around.

In this week's episode, he talks to Liton about why we should avoid small talk in interviews and what we should do instead.

Topics include

💬 Why small talk in job interviews can lead to unconscious bias and why you should never asks things like ‘what keeps you awake at night?’

🤝 Why traditional structured interviews are better than casual chats over coffee.

🦄 The job descriptions we write aren’t always realistic or useful enough.

🏗️ The five building blocks of personality.

🧑‍🤝‍🧑 How to avoid the ‘similar to me’ bias when hiring

🐐 Are personality test any more useful than zodiac signs?

⚖️ Why Myers-Briggs types shouldn’t be used for selecting new hires.

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