Duncan McKean, CCgroup - How B2B agencies can be more creative

Mar 29 / Super Magic Agency Powers
CCgroup’s Duncan McKean is on a mission to make tech and B2B Pr more creative.

As leader of the agency’s deep tech team, he has spent much of the year working on improving the company’s creativity by coming up with processes, investing in learning and giving people the space they need to be creative.

He discusses his team’s creative process with Liton and explains why creativity can’t start with a brainstorm.

Episode topics

👨🏻‍🚀 You need to help clients get past the inherent conservatism in B2B that may be stopping ideas.

🧗 Giving your team permission and opportunity to try things is one of the most important ways to boost your creativity.

🤼 Agencies should bring clients into the creative journey early and be collaborate with them.

📊 Creativity needs to be linked to objectives which help the client. You should be focusing on hard numbers, not just generating buzz or opportunities to see. It’s your job to help them build both fame and fortune

⌨️ Why writing is the start of making your agency more creative.

🧙🏿‍♂️ Storytelling is a fundamentally creative act that you need to use well when you’re dealing with particularly techy or businessy subjects.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Research is an essential part of being creative and doesn’t have to be expensive.

🦸🏽‍♀️To get your client to commit to creative ideas, you may need to involve people other than your regular contact.

You can find more about Duncan and his team at www.ccgrouppr.com.
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