Guy Clapperton - Smarter hybrid working and returning to the office

Apr 5 / Super Magic Agency Powers
Journalist and media trainer Guy has been a nomadic worker for most of his career and wrote a book on the subject of flexible working - The Smarter Working Manifesto.
Guy also hosts The Near Futurist - a podcast that explores how the world’s about to change, so he’s the perfect person to talk to as we all start to plan our transition to a new way of working - again.

We cover two main subjects: making smart choices about remote working as we get back to the office and how to be better at video meetings and calls.

Show notes

👩🏽‍💻 Rather than just working from a home or office, should we all become hyper-mobile, nomadic workers? Guy talks about why smarter working means choosing your place of work based on the activity you’re doing and looking beyond home and the office.

🎛 Technology’s not enough to enable hybrid working. While we were all expected to adapt mobile working because we had laptops and broadband, companies discovered that building a distributed team is more about culture and management.

😱 Will remote workers risk being isolated when we’re working as hybrid teams?

🏢 What’s the near future of the office as we start to go back into ‘normal’ working mode?

🧘🏾‍♀️ Flexible working was often something you only got to do when you reached a certain level - has this changed forever?

📹 Are we focusing on the medium more than the message with all this video-meeting?

🙋🏼 As he’s a presentation skills coach, Guy gives some advice on how you can improve the way you come across better on video meetings.
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