Learn about Radioactive PR's creative process

Radioactive is an an agency known for getting amazing results with creative PR ideas. Liton Ali asks Angharad Planells, head of client success at Radioactive, to give away some of the secrets behind their creative campaigns.
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🧰 Hear about some of the tools Angharad and her team use in the creative process.

🤼 Learn how her team divides up tasks going into a creative project and why they don’t start at the brainstorm stage.

🎁 How Angharad persuades clients to get behind creative ideas.

☢️ What it’s like to work in partnership with ultra creative PR man Rich Leigh.

🌾 Why the most important thing to do is look at the problems your client solves and discover ‘a grain of truth’ to build a successful campaign.

💸 The stories behind The Instagram Rich List, the MoBros Beard Strokers campaign and more.

🧘🏽 Creativity doesn’t have to be big and wacky, there’s a big place for quiet creativity.

📈 Why asking for access to your clients Google analytics should be one of the first parts of your creative work.

📢 Why you should sometimes fight for ideas when your clients aren’t sure about them.

Sometimes you should brainstorm for fun, it helps with pitches.

What personal data do we collect?

Find out more about Angharad’s team’s work at www.radioactivepr.com and follow her on Twitter: @welsh_pr.
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