The Effective Account Executive

Learn the soft skills needed by a well-organised account handler who can easily handle multiple tasks and communicates like a boss.
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Starts 1st March 2021

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Ready to become an awesome account exec?

This course is all about improving your soft skills. You won’t learn how to structure a press release, but you’ll learn how to pitch an idea to a client more persuasively.
  • Work autonomously and proactively
  • Organise your time well and plan ahead effortlessly
  • Boost your confidence when dealing with clients
  • Upgrade your interpersonal communication
  • Be a valuable contributor in meetings
  • Improve your written communication skills

Soft skills for agency account executives

Improve the soft skills that will enable you to deliver excellent service, be a brilliant team member and allow you to progress in your career.
If you’re in the first two years of your agency career, this course will help you become a well-organised account handler who can easily handle multiple accounts and tasks. You’ll learn to be more productive, communicate professionally with clients and meet your managers’ expectations.

Over eight self-paced modules, you’ll learn by trying out techniques and processes that will increase the quality of your work and make your job easier.

Course Outcomes

Feel more confident with clients

Build relationships with clients and help them achieve their objectives.

Be more organised and productive

Stay motivated while working independently and manage your time well.

Communicate like the pro you are

Express yourself clearly and persuasively, no matter who you’re dealing with.

Be more resilient and assertive

Handle criticism and bounce back from rejection more easily.

Course content

Modules include videos, tasks, articles, things to play with, downloadable templates and interactive assignments.

1. Effective AE Mindset

Developing a growth mindset
The basics of reslience
The power of positive thinking and attitude
Bouncing back from rejection
Dealing with stress

2. Working autonomously

Being proactive 
Hitting deadlines 
Managing your energy 
Keeping good notes 
Motivating yourself 
Working well under pressure 
Making decisions 
Adaptability and change

3. Organisation and time management

Find focus and stay focused
Multitasking properly
Project management tricks 
Deal with procrastination

4. Team-working skills

Building relationships 
Emotional intelligence
Managing upwards 
Being assertive 
Dealing with office politics
Asking for help
Giving and receiving feedback

7. Interpersonal communication

Communicating ideas well 
Telling stories 
Understand and serve an audience 
Be confident on the phone 
Presenting well 
Meetings suck 
Meeting minutes

5. Awesome client service

Your client-ready face 
Building rapport 
Relating with people at different levels 
Being reliable and available 
Learning about your clients
Client requests and writing a brief
Your personal brand 

8. Written communication

The Pyramid Principle 
Tone of voice 
Plain language 
Writing emails 
Messaging, chats, Teams
Grammar watch

6. Creativity and problem solving 

Your creative process 
Contributing to brainstorms
Selecting the right ideas
Pitching ideas 
Creative collaboration 
Making good decisions

9. Remote working

How to stay visible
Presenteeism vs productivity
Balancing your work and home life
Apps and tools for remote working

Learn at your pace - you get access to all the resources for six months

This online course is designed specifically for people working in PR and communications agencies. It's a blend of live sessions, self-paced reading and tasks for you to do in your own time. 

This course is for

Account executives (or equivalent) in PR agencies in their first couple of years in the job. 
Account handlers at marketing, digital and content agencies
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Work with your manager 

The collaboration pack will help you apply your learning at work and record your progress over time. It's just one of the useful resources you'll receive.
Meet the course creator

Liton Ali

Liton helps agency professionals upgrade their performance by adapting their business techniques and building good habits. Over the last 25 years, he has worked in-house, at agencies and even as a journalist. He has spent most his career as an independent pr and brand consultant working with various agencies.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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