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Get organised, focused and productive in 5 days

Overwhelmed with non-stop demands? Use these tools and techniques to get organised fast.

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Become more organised and efficient

Make positive changes immediately through simple processes.

Increase your ability to focus on work

Use smart tools and apps to build productive working habits quickly.

Find more time for the work you love most

You’re likely to free some mental and physical energy too.

Discover new tools and methods

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Organisational workout for agency professionals

 Fitting all the work into a day was already a problem before we were ordered to stay at home. For many of us, it meant more interesting distractions than ever and for others it has meant we’re suddenly overworked and addicted to screens. This action-based learning experience will help you achieve more in the time you have while reducing the stress of being busy all the time.
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Gain control of your workload

You’ll go through some exercises that help you map your workload properly and create an effective workstream.

Find your focus and hit deadlines

Identify and defend yourself from interruptions and get better at budgeting time for tasks.

Enhance your productivity system instantly

Implement a few simple techniques to organise and streamline your work and manage your priorities properly.

Tasks, videos, templates and interaction

This is a hands-on learning experience designed to help you organise your real work, not just watch videos of someone enthusiastically telling you how to manage your time better. You'll be guided through several steps over five days to get more organised and focused. We'll nudge you with a new activity every morning for a week, then you'll have access to all the material for two months.

This online programme was created specifically for people working in communications, PR and marketing agencies by an agency veteran.
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Meet the instructor

Liton Ali

Liton helps agency professionals upgrade their performance by adapting their business techniques and building good habits. Over the last 25 years, he has worked in-house, at agencies and even as a journalist. He has spent most his career as an independent pr and brand consultant working with various agencies.

Patrick Jones - Course author

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