Come up with good ideas when you're working from home

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Increase your creative output through short bursts of learning and challenges.

Coming up with ideas may seem harder when your office life is turned upside down, but you've got everything you need to be creative. We'll show you how to make the most of it. We'll even help you justify scheduling a nap into your working day.
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Starts 7th December

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For agency people, the pressure to be creative doesn't stop. 

This microlearning programme will help you step up your creative game.
Creativity isn’t a magical talent reserved for special people. This short course will help you access your creative side quickly and easily. Once you understand how your brain generates creative ideas, you’ll be able to invoke the creative process when you need it most - even under pressure.

Over several weeks, you'll get tools and techniques to use at work. You'll also have direct access to the course leader through our discussion forum.

Course content

Videos, tasks, articles, templates and interaction 

This online course is designed specifically for people working in communications agencies. It's a blend of video, activities, self-paced reading and tasks for you to do in your own time. 

This course is for

  • Agency people working in agencies with clients to look after
  • Freelancers who need to come up with new ideas
  • Anyone feeling a bit stuck when it comes to idea generation
  • People who sell their creative services
Meet the instructor

Liton Ali

Liton helps agency professionals upgrade their performance by adapting their business techniques and building good habits. Over the last 25 years, he has worked in-house, at agencies and even as a journalist. He has spent most his career as an independent PR and brand consultant working with various agencies.
Patrick Jones - Course author

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