Clarity PR's Paul Cockerton on agency creativity 

Liton asks serial entrepreneur and PR expert Paul Cockerton about his creative process and what he’s learned from his award winning PR work over the years.
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Topics discussed

💡How Paul and his team come up with ideas.
👂How important it is to be present and engaged in what’s going on in your client’s world.
🎯 Why effective creativity in PR doesn’t mean trying to be original.
💌 Audience empathy is the most important part of creativity.
🌟The story behind HTC’s gold-plated phone launch with its own security guard.
⁉️ How the creative thinking behind Any Question Answered was based around the audience’s real needs.
☝️Why you should look up more often.
💥 How tension drives creativity - you need to use the tension between process and free thinking.
🖖 Why diversity is so important to a successful creative PR team.
🧑🏽‍🤝‍🧑🏽 How Paul’s team collaborated remotely during the pandemic.
🖼️ How images make a huge difference when pitching creative ideas to clients.
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