The Effective Account Manager

Take on the toughest role in the agency and come out as a kick-arse manager.

Starts 15th MARCH 2021

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Become an effective manager in five weeks

Based on experience and designed to help you apply techniques and frameworks to your own job today.
  • Learn tested techniques refined over many years
  • Created by agency veterans in plain language
  • Real world learning, not just theory
  • A variety of content styles including live discussion
  • Access to content, templates, resources and feedback for three months
  • Get time to try what you learn out in the real world

A dedicated course for agency account managers

The account manager’s job can seem like an impossible juggling act. On top of doing your account work, you’ve got to manage clients and you deal with all the challenges managing a team brings. This course is designed to help you excel at this tough job and enjoy the role.
Over five weeks (or more -you decide the pace), you will become a more confident and organised account manager by using tools and techniques for people management, client service, productivity, management communication and more. It’s not just theory - you’ll get to try new things out at work and develop new habits that instantly upgrade your management skills. 

Developed by specialists for specialists

Over the last 25 years of training agencies, we’ve seen one thing that hasn’t changed much - most account managers are expected to work things out, rather than receive proper training. That’s why we made a course full of practical content and activities that fit in with the account manager’s day to day work. We’ve worked with hundreds of account managers and other levels of agency staff to develop and refine the content in this course. Most recently, we’ve worked with AMs and ADs at various well known agencies (e.g. WE, Rainieri, Berkeley, Dynamo, Finn Partners) to make the learning materials as relevant as possible.

Course Outcomes

More successful client accounts

Upgrade the way you communicate with clients and build better relationships.

Increase team productivity

Find better ways to get things done, manage your team's time well and make them profitable.

Enhanced communication

Get practical tools that help you communicate better with the people you manage.

More confident leadership

Learn to manage your team in a way that inspires and motivates them.

Course content


What people say about our AM course

Maz Beagley

Third City

The course has resulted in me becoming much happier with my work output as well as becoming a better leader for my team.


The course made me completely challenge and rethink my roles and responsibilities as an Account Manager. It is structured in such a way that I'm able to easily digest the information and put it into practice, instead of forgetting all about it in five minutes.
Imogen Eaton


You may be pleased to hear that I have been promoted – I put this down to your excellent training course! Now I have to put it all into practice. So thanks again for your pearls of wisdom.

Videos, tasks, articles, templates and interaction 

This online course is designed specifically for people working in PR and communications agencies. It's a blend of live sessions, self-paced reading and tasks for you to do in your own time. 

This course is for

  • PR account managers with up to two years’ experience
  • Senior PR account executives looking for promotion
    Account managers in related industries e.g. content marketing
  • Comms managers serving internal departments 
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