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contributors and presenters wanted

Fancy sharing your methods with the agency world?

Our Agency Skills Upgrade micro-courses help agency professionals improve their core/transferrable skills. We're looking for people who are actively involved in the agency world to help us make memorable micro-learning  (10-60 minutes) content that's ultra-relevant, current and useful to agencies.

If you have advice and ideas that will help our audience improve the way they work through simple techniques and habits, get in touch.

Work with us to develop your micro-course

If you've got an idea for a 20 to 60 minute course, we can bring it to life and make sure it works well. 

We'll bring your idea to life as an engaging micro-course.

We'll turn your ideas for tools and templates into well-designed downloads.

We'll make sure you look and sound good by taking care of directing, filming, editing etc. 

Agency Skills Upgrade topics

If you regularly talk about any of these topics, maybe you could work with us. You don't need a fully-formed course, just an idea and to know your subject. 

Communication and negotiation skills

Interpersonal skills and empathy

Leadership and management 

Client service and consulting

Reslience, adaptability and learning

New business and client retention

Presentation skills

Smart working and productivity 

Creativity and innovation

Written and visual communication

The effective agency mindset

Training and development

Let's create something wonderful.

Or at least useful.

Email Liton @ HenshallCentre.com or use this form.
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