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Active learning experiences for
PR and comms agencies

Brain-friendly learning that's close to your actual work. We won't lecture you to sleep or torture you with PowerPoints over Zoom.

Private workshops and coaching for your agency team

Hybrid learning kits

Instantly upgrade your internal training with workshop kits

Online learning - JANUARY 2022

Micro-learning subscription learning for agency consultants

Online learning made especially for agencies

Real-world tasks to take to work

Courses include tasks designed to help your real-life work, instead of activities that just make you busier.

Learn wherever you're working

Templates, resources and notes to take to work and use to solve problems and manage processes. 

Engaging content for various learning styles

A variety of content including videos, reading and activities, all designed especially for agency people.

Social learning and problem solving

Connect with peers and contact the instructors directly through the discussion boards and messaging features.

Testimonials from recent clients

Whether you’re looking to support a promotion into a new role or iron out an existing skills gap, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Henshall Centre to anybody in the communications field.
Richard scarlett

senior partner, finn partners

Henshall Centre worked closely with us to understand our agency’s goals and individual learning needs, and delivered a practical, fun online workshop, as well as learning materials and support before and long after the training itself.
duncan mckean

Head of deep tech, ccgroup

The Henshall Centre has a refreshingly different approach to training, focusing on active learning and dynamically adapting to the specific situations faced by the trainees. The specialisation in communications agencies is also a big plus.


We're ready for the hybrid office

We’ve always been known for high-energy, active learning experiences that feature lots of team activities and a healthy amount of messing around in a fun environment. Over the last year, we’ve adapted our most popular courses into enjoyable online experiences that will help you upgrade your team's work, even in a world of hybrid and home offices. 

Liton Ali, Learning Director and Partner

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