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Improve your agency's client service through consulting skills 

We've developed a new set of short courses designed especially to help agency staff at all levels become successful consultants. One of our free 30-45 minute taster sessions will equip you with techniques you can use to boost your service immediately. 
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Consulting frameworks that will help you achieve more with your clients

30 minutes

When you’re working out what to do for a client, visual planning and structured frameworks will make your life a lot easier.

We’ll cover five proven consulting frameworks that will make your work more strategic and you’ll get to keep the templates.


No more crap brainstorms. Run better remote and hybrid ideation sessions 

45 minutes

Most of us learned the wrong way to run brainstorms, that’s why they usually suck. But they don't have to. Hybrid brainstorms can be extremely productive.

We’ll look at optimising your team’s creative process and have a go at using virtual post-it notes and other visual tools.

Make your services more empathetic to make them more successful

30 minutes

Empathy means understanding people’s motivations and emotions - it’s not an easy thing to do, especially when you’ve got to do it on your clients’ behalf.

We’ll look at practical ways to boost your empathy and build empathy into your services.


Presentation design hacks to improve your slides (including slide review)

45 minutes

Whether you're putting together a new business proposal or a client report, you can upgrade your presentation visuals.
Your team will pick up some techniques for making awesome presentation aids and we'll review some of your agency's slides so you can improve them. 

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