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Join Henshall Centre's Liton Ali and guests to learn how to improve your soft skills - the special powers that make you brilliant at your job.

Learn about simple techniques, habits and ways of thinking that will help you be more motivated, successful and happy at work.
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Agencies need to stop hiring based on gut instinct if they want diverse teams

Alex Lewington, chair of the PRCA's recruitment forum and head of Reuben Sinclair's PR team, talks to Liton about how the way an agency approaches hiring directly affects retention.
As an active recruitment consultant working with some of the best known agencies, she gives us inside information on what makes talented agency staff quit their jobs and what makes them stick around.
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Home-working lessons from a 'remote-first' agency 

As we all get ready for a hybrid model of home and office work, Empower’s co-founder Ben Matthews tells us how his team builds relationships with clients from afar and deals with some of the challenges remote working creates.

- How to build a social connection with remote clients
- Why you need to get out of your work and messaging apps and make time to be creative.
- Why being agnostic when it comes to collaboration software helps you work better with clients.
- Why investing in setting people up well for remote working is good for the agency, not just the individuals.
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Twitter: BenRMatthews LINKEDIN: BenRMatthews

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Cope with an overwhelming workload and charge for thinking time

PR consultant Emily Wearmouth joins Liton to talk about why emptying the dishwasher should go on your timesheet as a billable activity - in the right circumstances!

With 20 years' experience working in PR agencies, she shares advice about how to avoid getting overwhelmed and why junior staff staff should say 'no' to their managers more often.
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