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Improve the core skills that underpin amazing client service.

We provide short learning experiences designed to fit around the busy agency schedule and hybrid working.   

Virtual workshops 

Our virtual workshops help agency professionals improve the way they work rapidly. By blending live and on-demand learning, we keep learning activities close to work and help you fit them into the busy agency schedule. 
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Hybrid workshops

As a business working with global clients, we have been running hybrid workshops for years. We'll run a live in-person session and ensure that remote learners get engaged and are able to take part in learning activities.

Workshops become effective learning experiences 

If you want your staff to learn things that actually lead to results for the agency and clients, don't torture them with long Zoom lectures and PowerPoint Slides.

We give people active learning experiences that are specifically designed for agencies and close to the real work they do. Our workshops help people make little changes that improve the way they work immediately.

How we run workshops

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Learning that fits into your schedule

We break remote workshops into two sessions, usually on separate days. The spacing helps people concentrate better and increases the chances of them remembering new information. 

Rich visual experiences and engagement

Switching between cameras and several visual feeds helps us to build visual aids that maintain learners’ attention. It’s really important that your workshop is not just another annoying Zoom call in their week.

Brain-friendly learning environment

Although we're hosting virtually, the physical environment needs to be conducive to learning. We send out a physical pack for some courses to make the experience more interactive. 

Creative collaboration through whiteboards

Learners use an interactive whiteboard to draw, create storyboards, use post-it notes, mind maps and more. It's more fun than PowerPoints-all-day and creates a lasting reference to build on 

More than a course event -  learning is spread over five weeks or more.

The trouble with short courses is that human brains can't take too many concepts on board at once and forget things really quickly. To make our workshops more useful, we spread our learning activity out over several weeks, with the workshop being the central point.
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Topics - Our Signature Workshops

One day courses split into two sessions, to fit your schedule.

The Effective Account Manager

This workshop will help you sharpen your management skills - focusing on your team, client relationships and workflow.  

The Effective Account Director

Work on leadership skills that make you amore confident agency businessperson, ready to guide clients while getting the best out of people.

The Effective Account Executive

Improve the core skills that will enable you to deliver excellent service, be abrilliant team member and allow you to progress in your career. 

Consulting Skills for Agency Professionals 

Learn some of the techniques and frameworks that will make you an invaluable strategic advisor that guides your clients to success. SAE to AD level.

Storytelling Skills for Pro Communicators

Use storytelling techniques to improve your communication skills and get your message across more powerfully.

People Management Skills for Agency Professionals

Understand how to motivate people and help them reach their full potential at work with practical management techniques, including remote workers.

Improve your Organisation and Time Management Skills

Successful time management is not about time at all. We'll look at what you can control instead of trying to fit everything in.

Presentation Skills for Agency People

If your presentations happen around tables or online; learning to give a speech won't help. This workshop covers the scenarios you face at work.

Communicate with Impact and be Remembered

 You will learn to achieve more from communicating, to make a bigger impact and influence how others perceive you.

Courses we can tailor for you

Management skills

  • How to Lead & Motivate Teams
  • Improve your in-house training skills
  • Improve your Management Skills
  • Productivity skills for agency professionals
  • Project management skills for agencies 
  • How to Plan your Team's Development

Agency skills

  • Client Service Masterclass 
  • Consulting Skills - Introduction 
  • Consulting Skills for Account Directors
  • Creativity Skills and Idea Generation 
  • The Effective Account Director 
  • The Effective Account Manager 
  • The Effective Account Executive 
  • New Business Skills for Agencies 
  • Optimise your Agency Operations

Communication and presentation skills

  • Advanced Presentation Skills 
  • Communication Skills Upgrade 
  • Design Better Presentations 
  • Improve your Presentation Skills - Basics 
  • Storytelling Skills 
  • Personal Branding

PR and content skills

  • Content Marketing Bootcamp 
  • Digital PR Skills - Essentials 
  • Effective Blogging for PR & Marketing 
  • Essential PR Skills 
  • Develop an Effective Strategy 
  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Media pitching workshop
  • PR Measurement and Evaluation 
  • Search marketing and SEO for PR 

Writing skills

  • Creative Copywriting Techniques 
  • Effective Press Release Writing 
  • PR Content Writing Skills 
  • Social Media Copywriting 
  • Sharpen your Writing Skills 
  • Write Winning Award Entries 
  • Writing Case Studies 
  • Writing News Articles

Soft skills

  • Advanced Presentation Skills 
  • Become More Resilient
  • Better Negotiation for Consultants 
  • Resolving Conflict in Teams

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