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Bored of bullet points and lectures?

Try one of our active learning experiences for your agency team. We deliver private courses and coaching online to help you upgrade the way you work.

Learning that helps your team solve problems and achieve real outcomes.

We work with PR and communications agencies to build learning cultures, instead of just showering staff in information and hoping it sticks. We aim to bring success, motivation and happiness to workplaces through enjoyable learning experiences that encourage people to grow.
Outcome-oriented, active experiences make a difference to your real work.
Subject-matter experts work with learning-designers to create engaging workshops
Agency veterans tailor learning content to suit your agency and way of working.

Learning services for agencies

What we offer

Remote workshops

Tailored versions of standard workshops and custom learning experiences. We often do these as lunchtime or breakfast briefings with tasks set between the workshops.
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What we offer

Guided workshops

Your team leaders run a Henshall Centre learning experience. We’ll provide the learning plan, exercises and materials. Subject experts can join you through video conference.
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What we offer

On-demand courses

Learning experiences that you can start in the office and finish on the bus. They blend video, exercises and reading with discussion and direct access to the subject expert. 
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What we offer

Nudge learning

Nudge courses integrate small chunks of learning into a professional’s everyday work through knowledge, tasks, opportunities to experiment and ways to reflect on work.
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What we offer

Your agency's active learning portal

A private learning centre in your brand's style. It’s populated with our digital courses and combined with your team’s collected learning.
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What we offer

Learning consultancy

Use our learning design and planning methods to work out where your skills gaps are and how to fix them.
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Courses we can tailor for you

Management skills

  • Advanced Presentation Skills 
  • How to Lead & Motivate Teams
  • Improve your in-house training skills
  • Improve your Management Skills
  • Productivity skills for agency professionals
  • Project management skills for agencies 
  • How to Plan your Team's Development

Agency skills

  • Client Service Masterclass 
  • Consulting Skills - Introduction 
  • Consulting Skills for Account Directors
  • Creativity Skills and Idea Generation 
  • The Effective Account Director 
  • The Effective Account Manager 
  • The Effective Account Executive 
  • New Business Skills for Agencies 
  • Optimise your Agency Operations

Communication and presentation skills

  • Advanced Presentation Skills 
  • Communication Skills Upgrade 
  • Design Better Presentations 
  • Improve your Presentation Skills - Basics 
  • Storytelling Skills 
  • Personal Branding

PR and content skills

  • Content Marketing Bootcamp 
  • Digital PR Skills - Essentials 
  • Effective Blogging for PR & Marketing 
  • Essential PR Skills 
  • Develop an Effective Strategy 
  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Media pitching workshop
  • PR Measurement and Evaluation 
  • Search marketing and SEO for PR 

Writing skills

  • Creative Copywriting Techniques 
  • Effective Press Release Writing 
  • PR Content Writing Skills 
  • Social Media Copywriting 
  • Sharpen your Writing Skills 
  • Write Winning Award Entries 
  • Writing Case Studies 
  • Writing News Articles

Soft skills

  • Become More Resilient
  • Better Negotiation for Consultants 
  • Resolving Conflict in Teams

Our approach

Measurable learning outcomes 

PR doesn’t get a pass on accountability, why should learning?
Serious PR people don’t use AVE, and serious learning practitioners don’t rely on feedback forms – we focus on outcomes (just like PR). You can measure and evaluate learning activities and even work out your ROI. We use four measures to work out how well learning and training has worked. We can’t measure all of this from outside the agency, but we can set you up with tools that will help.

Outcomes - agency

Have you achieved the results your business needs e.g. increased productivity, improved quality, higher morale, reduced staff turnover, higher profits, less time wasted?

Outcomes - learner

Are people applying their new knowledge and using processes that improve the way they work?


Have attitudes changed – have we influenced thoughts and feelings? 2. Has knowledge increased? 3. Do people have new skills or knowledge?


Did people leave feeling motivated and confident about their work? Do they feel good about the learning experience?

Learning experience design

Our subject matter experts and facilitators are not allowed to run boring bullet-point torture courses. They have to get people working and playing instead. The way we design and run learning activities is all about putting the learner first. Every course is governed by our learning experience design philosophy.
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Let us help your team learn and grow.

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